Information Technology Partners Inc.

Information Technology Partners Inc.

ITPI (Information Technology Partners, Incorporated) is a Custom Software Engineering company that offers Cloud/Web/Mobile Application Development, API Integration & Implementation, Data Modeling & Database Administration, Conversion/Migration and Project Management Services.

Our mission is to provide our clients the best solutions to meet their requirements, emphasizing on continuous delivery and improvement, collaboration, optimization of their business processes and, to do the job right the first time; our service-oriented-software policy allow our professionals to build application portfolios deployed on flexible platforms allowing our clients to choose among flexible licensing and delivery mechanisms to accommodate their pricing preferences and budgets.


  • Curriculum Management System

    Allows institutions to develop and administer curriculum proposals for electronic submission/approval to the curriculum committee. Customizable approval process, degree/certificate programs & course proposals outlines, supplemental forms, supporting documents, email alerts and notifications are some of the major tools available to curriculum administrators.


    • Multiple sites support.
    • Enforces approval process.
    • Ensures ownership of assigned tasks.
    • Promotes accountability as well as team-work.
    • Interfaces with ERP and legacy systems.
    • Customizable workflow and system configuration.
    • Custom reporting.

    Fitness Assessment System

    Tracks physical fitness evaluations. A Fitness Assessment Profile Report is generated showing detailed and summary information. Customizable norms and formulas are used to compare evaluation results with statistical age group average data.


    Wide Selection of Protocols for the Measurement of Standard Test for:

    • Body Composition
    • Cardio Respiratory
    • Coronary Risk
    • Exercise
    • Flexibility
    • Muscular Fitness
    • Pulmonary
    • Strength

    Special Needs Student System

    Allows institution Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) administrators to assist and support students with disabilities. Customizable modules are aimed to promote student success.


    • Student's emergency information.
    • Educational contracts administration (Primary/Secondary Disability, majors, goals, etc.)
    • Educational accommodations.
    • Prescription Services.
    • Accommodations Academic/Assessment.
    • Student's Contact logs.
    • Supporting Documents.
    • Interfaces with ERP and legacy systems.
    • Custom reporting.
  • Enrollment management system

    Designed to help institutions, plan, analyze, manage class schedules and project student demand for any class schedule. It provides users the ability to project the number of full-time-equivalent students (FTES) and faculty (FTEF) associated with a planned (future) schedule and to evaluate progress relative to that projection on a daily basis, and to do so at any level of the organization, from the individual course section to the entire college and district.


    • Academic year and term target enrollments analysis.
    • Measures projected and assigned faculty workloads in terms of contact hours, LHE (units of workload), and FTE distributed between fulltime (contractual), overload, and part-time assignments.
    • Catalog vs scheduled class hour's comparison
    • Analysis of schedule data throughout the institution.
    • Reports student/faculty ratios, including class fill rates, average enrollments per section, FTES to FTES, and WSCH to FTES, at any organizational aggregate.
    • Custom Dashboard reports.

    Inventory & Sales Orders System

    Allows organizations to manage inventory and customer sales orders per season (i.e. spring, fall) allowing longitudinal data comparisons as well as forecasting reports.


    • Vendor's inventory and contact information.
    • Inventory administration.
    • Product/prize brochure management.
    • Customer contact and contract administration
    • Sales orders data entry.
    • Custom reports

    Leads management system

    Designed for field sales force to manage their customer leads contacts, sales, calendars and schedule information and to have the data at their fingertips using either their smart phones, tables or computers to access the system.


    • Account management
    • Contract administration.
    • Sales process information.
    • Customer service key information.
    • Automatic email alerts & notifications.
    • Custom reports (Top sellers, sales dashboard, etc.)
  • Repair Order Management System

    Allows companies to manage customer's data, repair parts inventory and specialized repairs core, findings, process and work order status information.


    • Customer's setup
    • Repair work order administration.
    • Parts Inventory administration
    • Inventory Usage administration
    • Custom reports

    Repairs tracking system

    Allows repair organizations to manage and track repair transactions by technician, vehicle and repair activities. Custom modules allows repairs types and activities to be configured to meet organization business requirements.


    • Technician activities administration.
    • Vehicle maintenance information.
    • Repairs activity/task Management.
    • Technician's repairs time tracking (check-in/check-out).
    • Custom reports by technician, repairs order.


  • Project Management

    Our senior software engineers have over fifteen years experience and are well versed in working with teams, leading teams, or working on projects independently.

    Our rapid development methodology ensures proper requirements definition, coding and overall quality assurance by the quick implementation of the application modules and interfaces with external systems

    Database Administration

    We can help you on your database administration and data modeling, and we can install, configure and tune many relational database management systems. We have experience in developing enterprise, logical and physical data models, and have participated in the development of data marts and data warehouses to help our clients to leverage their information resources.

    Web Design

    One of the most complex tasks in today's dynamic environment is to define, implement and maintain a solid infrastructure foundation. Our enterprise software and Network specialists can assess the existing technical architecture and lay the groundwork and proposed infrastructure for our client's computing environment.

  • Custom Software Solutions

    We have an extensive background in the full life cycle development of IT business solutions across a broad spectrum of hardware, software platforms and business applications. Our experience in banking, construction, distribution, education, entertainment, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and sales industries will provide our clients with the knowledge that can help any IT project be a success.



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